NEW! STORY NO. 11 BASEBALL /T-shirt - Men

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'In the 1800s, English colonists took baseball to America and the game was played in many variants: “baseball”, “goal ball”, “round ball”, “fetch-catch”, “stool ball” and “base”. The most direct ancestors are the English games ”rounders” and “cricket”.

In September 1845, the US firefighter Alexander Cartwright developed a set of new rules for the game, which became modern baseball, played on a diamond-shaped court. The ball has about 108 double stitches, is hand- sewn and lasts for about six pitches - so 5-6 dozens of baseballs are used in each game.
In New York City - squeezed in between skyscrapers - you can find a small baseball field in the Tribeca neighborhood, and you can visit “National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum” in NY – because baseball is more than a game. It’s a part of America’s history.' 

Photographer and storyteller: Jeanet Lang



Organic Story T-shirt in a good quality with a perfect fit.

This is the 11th Story in our Story line.

The delicate Silk Print in front shows a picture from a baseball match in New York - and a short story about Baseball is included.

The Story name, number and photographer are printed inside the neck.

Style: Unisex with a modern fit. Sleeves can be rolled up.

Color: White with a black print

Fabric: 100% organic cotton

Print: Silk Screen Print (serigraphy). Phthalate free.

Wash: inside out, 40 degrees, see instruction inside

AWS apparel are always made at factories that protect rights of their employees and do their utmost to minimize their environmental footprint.


When buying this T-shirt, you get the whole story written on the hangtag attached to the T-shirt and a collectible postcard will be included.

(T-shirt, hangtag and collectible postcard)

The product will be delivered in an OEKO-TEX® AWS logo cottonbag

When buying this product, you also support a good cause

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