Story No. 11 BASEBALL


Story No. 11 BASEBALL

'In the 1800s, English colonists took baseball to America and the game was played in many variants:“baseball”,“goal ball”,“round ball”, “fetch-catch”, “stool ball” and “base”. The most direct ancestors are the English games ”rounders” and “cricket”.

In September 1845, the US firefighter Alexan- der Cartwright developed a set of new rules for the game, which became modern baseball, played on a diamond-shaped court.The ball has about 108 double stitches, is hand-sewn and lasts for about six pitches - so 5-6 dozens of baseballs are used in each game.

In New York City - squeezed in between skyscrapers - you can find a small baseball field in the Tribeca neighborhood, and you can visit “National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum” in NY – because baseball is more than a game. It’s a part of America’s history.'

Photo: “Baseball”, New York, USA, 2015.
Photographer and storyteller: Jeanet Lang

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