Story No. 5 THE TRAMP




Story No. 5 THE TRAMP 

'Charlie Chaplin, also known as ‘The Tramp’ (named after the way he walked) or Sir Charles Spencer, is considered one of the most important characters in the Silent movie history. He was a British-American comedy actor, film director, screenwriter and composer, born in London in 1889.

He moved to Hollywood and created more than 80 films in his 75-year-long career - best remembered for his role asTheTramp with the little mustache, a bowler hat and a bamboo stick. It was not until 1940 that he spoke for the first time on the big screen.

In 1925, he was the first actor to appear in Time Magazine and an asteroid is named after him, called 3623 Chaplin.

Nearby the Apollo Theater in London, you can spot this little artwork of The Tramp, carved into the wall.'



Photo: “The Tramp”, London, UK, 2018.
Photographer and storyteller: Jeanet Lang



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