Attitude with Story is a Danish fashion label est. 2017 – engaging you in stories from all over the World.

Attitude with Story has developed an exclusive fashion line that gives you insight and content. When buying our Story apparel, you will get engaged in stories from all over the World. We expand continuously with easy-to-wear items.

Our mission is to bring content into fashion by telling you stories - every story is connected to the print on the story apparel. 

The artwork and stories are made by photographers, art directors and other creatives, working together for fashion, for telling you stories, for giving you insight, for making you wiser, and for the good cause. All stories are verified.

We give pride of place to organic fabrics that care for your skin and for the environment and we work exclusively with exemplary factories that protect rights of the people they employ and do their utmost to minimize their environmental footprint.


Hug a tree




Founder Jeanet Lang Bolvig, New York. 







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