Fair Trade

AWS is supporting recycling by having low inventory (avoiding waste) but also using the right material for our products. We work for sustainability and protecting the environment, because we would like to hand over the World to our kids and the next generations - with a good conscience. 


We always deliver products in good quality materials, perfect fits, meeting the environmental requirements of the European Union and manufactured in good work enviroment. All our activities are conducted by high ethical and moral standards.

 The fabric in Portugal where our T-shirts are being made


AWS support organic cotton


Why Silk Screen Printing?

For the quality and the artwork – simple as that.

Silk Screen printing, also known as serigrapy or silkcreening, is a print technique originating as far back as 1000 years ago in China.

This printing art method sometimes takes years to truly master.

As you might guess, screens are key to the silk screen printing method. Much like an art canvas, it is stretched very tightly over a frame. Traditionally screen printing was done with screens made out of silk (hence the name). Screen printing begins with mounting multiple silkscreens over the material, one screen for each color. Once the screens are arranged in the specific design, then the color is rolled on, pulled and pressed, and will leave a negative design.


The Silk Sceen print has a soft texture and a sophisticated look with more delicate degree of details.

All our prints are made in Denmark

The printing company in Denmark


Social responsibility

Our products follows European guidelines for best practice production and work enviroment.

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